– Ron Jones, the original Third Wave teacher, website
– Ron Jones 1976 original short story “The Third Wave”
– Original students’ Third Wave documentary movie, called “Lesson Plan” website (streams on Amazon Prime Video)
– History Channel Third Wave documentary “The Invisible Line” homepage
– Lesson Plan Executive Producer (and original Wave student) Philip Neel IMDB page
– Lesson Plan and Invisible Line Associate Producer (and original Wave student) Mark Hancock website
– Cubberley Catamount school newspaper (1966-1969)
– Cubberley High School buildings today (now a community center) website
– The 1970 book “Hassling” by Sylvia Berry Williams (outlines Ron Jones’ 1969 job struggle at Cubberley)

RESOURCES – Some study guides found online (quality varies)
(we do not endorse or recommend any; find what works for you)

– Major project by California Film Institute – via webpage or PDF
– Penguin Books study guide (PDF)
– Hampton-Brown teacher’s guide (PDF)
TeachersPayTeachers (lots of items here, quality varies)
– 2008 movie article and teaching guide here or here
– Plenty more can be found by searching online (including Amazon in Germany)

RESOURCES – Other Major Social Experiments

Milgram Experiment by Stanley Milgram (1963)
Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip Zimbardo (1971)
Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes by Jane Elliot (1968)